About us

A project of Science and Music

The project “Il Poggio” was born out of the enthusiasm, the succession of coincidences and the open welcome for unusual ideas by the population of Montecastelli. The driving principle is to bring talented people from different backgrounds together and to make them stimulate each other generating new ideas and wider understanding of the mysteries of this world. In particular we wish to create a melting pot for science and music.

It started with a violinmaking workshop. This was followed by the renovation of a beautiful old building that was renovated and turned into a concert hall. Many concerts of with internationally renowned musicians have taken place and it has become a point of encounter between musicians and violinmakers. Then the concert hall was used for scientific meetings and lab retreats by illustrious researchers. The scientists and musicians interacted, creating the idea of developing Il Poggio Montecastelli as a melting pot for creative people and for music and science in particular.

The idea of generating new ideas and development by mixing violinmakers, neuroscientists, computer-scientists and musicians might seem to be farfetched. A simple example can challenge this objection. A violinmaker builds a violin - the violin generates acoustic waves - the ear of the listener transforms the acoustic waves into a neurological signal - the neurological signal creates an emotion. If an artist musician was involved the violin might have moved the listener to tears. With which mechanism this happened would be of equal interest to the violinmaker, the musician, the neuroscientist and the listener who ended up in tears.

Endless examples exist where the overlap of interest is large however far the basic expertise of the talented people coming to Montecastelli might lie: Why does a musician have to practice the same technical passage for hours and hours. What happens in the brain to require this daft endless repetition. What is a good violin? Who defines the quality? Would a computer analyzing and acoustical signal be better than the human ear?

Music, science, the creative process and the people behind it interest us. We want to mix the different sources of knowledge and talent and we want to share this with people who are like minded. As stated above a succession of coincidences lead us here. Thus also in the future we will follow the way to which the coincidences and serendipity lead us.

We have events which are open to the public. Already now we are thrilled to have many people listening to our concerts or to the scientific talks.

All this would not work without fun or without the beauty of Montecastelli and the support of its population. We love to share with others.